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2018 International Trench Restoration Forum ended

Leidi 2018-10-26

The technical management team of Shannan Survey Company visited our company for investigation and exchange.

10On May 9, deputy chief executive of the Shannan survey company, the chief engineer of Gu sum, Ma Gong, led a team of technicians in the geophysical sector, and asked him to visit Shanghai Leidi Mechanical Instrument Co., Ltd.

       First of all, the technical exchange meeting was introduced by Wang Baoen, sales director of Shanghai Leidi Company, and the main products and equipment and enterprise culture were introduced. After that, the technical engineers of Shanghai Lei Di introduced the pipeline detector leader Weilai pipeline detector series, and introduced the new underground pipeline 3D exploration in detail. Measuring system, automatic detection instrument for oil and gas pipeline anticorrosive coating, and demonstration of the use of products.

       Finally, the general manager of Shan Nan survey introduced in detail the business, technical team and technical strength of Shannan company, focusing on the technical team, instrument and equipment, geophysical exploration and strength, and the production, teaching and research work of the company. Into the discussion, Shanghai Leidi technicians answered and exchanged in-depth questions about the application process of pipeline detectors by General Ma, Manager Zhao and Mr. Wu.

      Through this exchange, we can deepen mutual understanding, make greater contributions to the safety construction of underground pipeline network, and build a wise city.